Bhutan Enterprise is a company based in Thimphu, Bhutan established in 2016 in the business of providing advisory services for (1) companies that are looking to set up Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Bhutan (2) Company Incorporation (3) Preparation of Project Proposals & Business Plans (4) Engineering & Architectural Designs for projects (5) Project Implementation in Bhutan (6) Construction Material Supply of AAC Blocks, uPVC, Cement etc (7) Export of Stone & Minerals from Bhutan and (8) Website Development for show case and market your goods and services.

We are a team of experts having years of experience. We strive to understand the key requirement of our clients and go out of our way to provide the best of services. Our motto is that business is built on trust and reliability, and therefore we go out of our way to ensure dependable and quality services.