Bhutan First Ferro Silicon plant

Bhutan First Ferro silicon first furnace of 28.5MVA capacity was set up during October 1994. The main smelting furnace and its auxiliary equipment were procured from Elkem Technology, Norway, one of the leading manufacturers of furnace equipment in the world. The plant is being operated since 1995.

With the growing demand of Ferro Alloys all over the world, the Company has augmented its capacity by setting up another furnace of 18MVA in the existing plant area during Decemeber 2006. The main smelting furnace and its auxiliary equipment has been procured from Vatvetd Technology, Norway one of the most reputed companies in this field who has also offered similar equipment to other countries.

With the commissioning of the new furnace, the Company is in a position to produce a total quantity of 34500 tons of Ferro Silicon per year. In addition to the Ferro Silicon, the company also produce about 7000 tons of Silica Fume (Micro Silica), catering to the demand of high performance concrete, particularly in the hydro power projects, highways and various other applications.

Keeping in view the rising demands of the Foundry Industry, the company has installed one of the most advanced technologies to produce various Ferro Silicon based foundry alloys, namely, Ferro Silicon Magnesium, Ferro Silicon Aluminum etc.

In order to have a sustainable productivity, the company has long term mining leases to procure Quartzite, the principal raw material for production of Ferro Silicon within Bhutan and also have contracts for supply of carbon and other required materials from India/overseas.


Ferro Silicon:
Used as de-oxidizer in steel industry and as inoculants in foundries.

Micro Silica:
A co-product of Ferrosilicon smelting, very useful for making high strength and durable concrete. When added to concrete, it improves the compressive and tensile strength, improves resistance to sulphate and chloride attack, minimizes Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR), protects against corrosion of reinforcement etc.

Ferro Silicon Magnesium:
It is used in the production of ductile iron. The precise combination of Magnesium, Calcium and RE promotes the formation of spheroidal graphite during production process.

Ferro Silicon Aluminum:
Modifies the carbon structure in grey and ductile iron. It contains Calcium and Aluminum which increases the shape and number of nucleation sites for graphite formation during solidification, particularly in thin section.