Purchasing Genuine Cordyceps from Bhutan – www.truebhutan.com

Wild Cordycepscollected in Bhutan are used as medicines miracles. It is referred to as yartsa gunbu (literally meaning “summer grass, winter worm”). In Chinese it is  冬蟲夏草 and in Thai  ถั่งเช่า

The Cordyceps found in Bhutan is considered as the most potent and possesses the highest medicinal value above all the cordyceps found in the world.

Cordyceps Sinensis is a unique & exotic mushroom that grows in the high mountains of Bhutan at an elevation between 14,500 feet and 17,000 feet. Cordyceps sinensis literally means summer plant and winter insect in Tibetan. Before the rainy season begins, spores of the Cordyceps mushroom settle on the heads of caterpillars that lives underground. The fungus gets so much into the body of the caterpillars’ that it grows out through its head and drains all the energy from the insect and ultimately it dies.

Cordyceps Sinensis has a long history in Tibet Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The mushroom has been used for centuries to address and treat various health conditions and to maintain normal functions of all the body systems. To go to where the Cordyceps is, you have to travel for no less than seven days by horse, on foot, and finally by yak up to the snow line where the wild Cordyceps grows.

Bhutan cordyceps are used to help treat:

  • respiratory infections like chronic bronchitis
  • heart disease and high cholesterol
  • liver disorders
  • muscle weakness
  • chronic fatigue syndrome and low energy
  • coughs, colds, flu
  • reproductive problems and sexual dysfunction
  • kidney disorders
  • bladder infections and urination problems
  • hepatitis B
  • low circulation and irregular heartbeats
  • dizziness
  • asthma


  • Cordyceps from Bhutan are collected by highlanders from the wild which are harvested from highly protected areas
  • The collection of cordyceps in Bhutan is regulated and only permitted during certain month of the year. The highlanders are allowed to collect fungus that are fully mature.
  • We offer the highest quality of Cordyceps which is 100% pure, wild and organic.
  • All cordyceps exported by us are are certified by Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority

Purchasing Genuine Cordyceps from Bhutan – www.truebhutan.com